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golden stallion is the best choice for your vehicle

Today’s modern engine works harder, operates under greater pressures, runs hotter and than engine did before.

Motor oil is a special lub used in internal combustion engines. It powers different kind of machines. Engine motor oil is an indispensable attribute of teamwork motor car, motorcycle and other vehicles that we use regularly. Exists different kinds of motor oils. Depend on the base of motor oil: fully synthetic, semi synthetic and bio-based. Every user makes own choice. The variety of productions make you be very attentive to find the best decision. Wrong choice of motor oil can influence the “illness” of your engine.

Golden Stallion motor Oil is premium multi-grade motor oil. It was designed for high-level protection of engine even under the more difficult and complicated driving conditions. They are blended from quality lubricant base stocks and special various additives and are produced for all weather conditions. Depend on the season of a year motor oil can be winter and summer. Also exists all season oil for engines. 

While your engine is warming up, occurs up to ? of engine wear When the engine stops, motor oil normally drains off critical engine parts, but molecules of Golden Stallion don’t, as they works like magnet in the engine. It provides the additional protection`s layer for engine.

The main aim of Golden Stallion motor oil is to avoid dry friction of the engine`s moving parts. It uses to ensure minimum friction.

It gives protection to your engine from the first moment it starts to work, select the right motor oil. Golden Stallion Maximum Performance Synthetic Blend motor oil is the best choice for your vehicle from US Global Petroleum. To make life of your engine longer, look after it carefully. The oil should be changed in accordance with the instruction manual. The producer of the engine is the only one, who can determine this. He starts from their ability to use oil, the quality of which needs the minimum requirements of the relevant specifications. Usually recommends certain mileage or time interval. According to the bad conditions, list of which can be found in the instructions, oil should be changed more often.

Golden Stallion Maximum Performance Synthetic Blend Motor Oil is licensed to meet or exceed the latest American Petroleum Institute SN service classification for use in passenger car, vans, sport utility vehicles, light duty trucks and other mobile and stationary engines.

You can buy motor oil in any store products for vehicles. But you need the best one. That`s why: buy Golden Stallion and be sure in long life and safe protection of your engine.


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